How to Gain Access

Please Read This First ... How to gain access, notices and items of general interest to some or all of our Forums, including notice of events, meetings, special news, etc.
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How to Gain Access

Post by Robert Szego » May 26, 2013, 7:10 pmpm

Please note that these Forums are for the benefit of the membership.
If you are not already a member, we can help:

Spambot (automatic computer-generated) nuisance registrations have become a serious problem; we have taken the following actions:
1. To register initially, you will be challenged by a question. The correct response is "money" (without the quotation marks).
2. In the registration process, there will be a point where you enter your Club Member ID.
3. Once successfully registered, send a message including your username, to the Administrator (click on the little envelope on the right) for activation.

Robert Szego